Posthumous Degree Policy

Requirements (one of the following conditions must be met)

1.  the student has completed all requirements of their degree program and would have qualified for graduation

2.  the student was enrolled in their final semester, was taking the necessary courses to complete their degree requirements, and their instructors and/or advisor can show that the student was likely to complete the coursework satisfactorily


The request for a posthumous degree is made to the chair of the student’s department by family, friends, or faculty members who have worked with the student. A death certificate and proof of their relationship to the student must be made available.

If the above requirements have been met:

1.  the request will go to the Associate Dean of the college/Graduate School for approval

2.  the Provost reviews and makes a recommendation to the President

3.  the President has final approval

4.  approved requests are forwarded to the Office of Student Records

Awarding of Posthumous Degree

1.  the student’s diploma and transcript will note that the degree was awarded posthumously

2.  the student’s name will appear in the commencement program, with a note that the degree was awarded posthumously

3.  the President, Provost or their designee(s) will hold a private reception with the family and friends of the deceased and present the degree at the reception