NEBHE Satisfactory Progress


  1. Office of Student Records provides a list with transcripts of students currently in the NEBHE program to the Associate Deans after the spring semester.
  1. The Associate Deans review each student’s academic record to determine if the student is making satisfactory progress toward the degree.
  1. The Associate Deans notify the Office of Student Records with any students who are not making satisfactory progress.
  1. The Office of Student Records notifies any students who are not making satisfactory progress that they will be removed from the NEBHE program and the consequences of that action.
  1. Students may appeal to an appeal committee made up of the student’s Associate Dean, another Associate Dean and a representative from the Office of Student Records.
  1. The Office of Student Records removes the students from the NEBHE program prior to providing the list to the Bursar.
  1. Students who are removed from the program could become eligible the following semester if they get themselves back on track to a timely graduation. They could request a review of their academic records by the Appeal Committee.