Student Bereavement Policy

Students will be excused from attending and course participation, without penalty, for one week of class meetings in the case of death in their immediate household, close acquaintances, or family. Given the diversity in the composition of families and the subjective nature of “immediate,” students will determine whether their loss meets the criterion. 

Recognizing that every situation of loss has unique circumstances and grief is a personal process that differs for each student, faculty members should work with the student to develop a feasible and flexible plan, allowing the student the time and space to grieve and be available for their family. 

Students should contact and consult with the Associate Dean or their academic affairs representative in their College. The Associate Dean or their designee will contact faculty members and other relevant staff. 

Students will be given the opportunity to make up missed or late coursework within 2 weeks of their return to campus (or on a timeline jointly agreed to by both the student and instructor in writing). The cognizant Associate Dean or their representative will work with student’s instructors to identify alternative, feasible, and equitable arrangements as necessary.