Classroom Scheduling


Academic Classroom Policy (Effective 9/1/2019)

Apart from occasional exceptions made for academic purposes (such as a class visit to Fogler Library), or when the condition of a classroom leaves it temporarily unusable, classes are to be held in the room(s) to which they are assigned in MaineStreet. Reasons for this expectation include:

  •         Using an assigned room avoids disruption by ensuring that no other class or group is simultaneously scheduled in the same room.
  •         Disability accommodations for students and faculty are based on the room assigned.
  •         Staff members and public safety officers must be able to locate students and faculty in case of emergency or when communication is urgent.

Faculty members who wish to change their classroom assignment must obtain the approval of their dean’s office and have the change recorded in MaineStreet by the Office of Student Records. Requests without compelling justification may not be approved.


Room Reservation Policy

A confirmation secures for the contact person or organization the use of academic classroom space(s) needed. However, should a matter of great urgency arise to cause a change of room assignment, all parties involved will be notified prior to the date scheduled.

The policy of the University of Maine requires that academic classroom facilities be assigned to a contact person (i.e. student groups, campus organizations or Conference Services). Students of recognized campus organizations who want to schedule academic classroom space must be listed as an official contact.  The Coordinator for Student Organizations, 145 Memorial Union, 581.1760, maintains the list of recognized campus organizations and contacts.

The group reserving the room will be held responsible for the actions of its members during the hours the room is reserved. Please use care in the use of University of Maine common areas for meetings and educational and/or social activities and try to leave each facility in as good or better condition as found. If an infraction occurs, a warning letter will be issued. A second infraction will result in the organization or group no longer being permitted to reserve classroom space. The group or contact person responsible for the particular gathering will pay for any resulting damage caused during the course of the activities. In the event of CANCELLATION – A 48 hour or more notice is suggested. The group sponsor will be held responsible for all debts incurred for non-cancellation.

The drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of marijuana, or other drugs including e-cigarettes and vaping devices is not allowed in any academic building without prior approval from the appropriate Vice-President and registration of the event with the Department of Public Safety, for more information visit the University of Maine Student HandbookPolicies and Regulations – Scheduling Events on Campus.