Using MaineStreet Queries

A number of queries have been developed that provide information that is in highest demand and these are available to all staff and faculty.  For example, a query exists to generate a report of all current students in a given major/minor and displays a variety of academic information as well as addresses.

Click here to view Instructions for running the public queries in MaineStreet (PDF).

If access to Campus Solutions-92 Reporting is not available for you, use the Access Request Form available on the MaineStreet Access to Student Data (Campus Solutions) page to request access to the Reporting database.

Requests for Academic Information

The Office of Student Records supports two methods of providing data to academic departments including the use of MaineStreet Queries or by submission of the Request for Academic Information form.  Individuals accessing data via queries, or receiving information based on a data request, must be aware of restrictions and expectations regarding student data:

  • Data is provided in support of academic-related functions that have an educational benefit to students
  • In order to prevent information overload to our students, use of email and/or physical addresses for purposes of solicitation or promotion must be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students and the Division of Marketing and Communications.
  • Information will not be released to students. Requests for official UMaine student organizations must be submitted directly to Student Records by the associated organization’s coordinator.
  • Data provided will be used for its sole intended purpose and discarded immediately after its use
  • No data is to be released to any third party. All third party data requests must be directed to Student Records.
  • Refer to the FERPA pages on the Office of Student Records website for details regarding FERPA and Directory Information.

Submitting a Request for Academic Information

Requests for data should be submitted using this Request for Academic Information form, which requires a account login.  The form presents options for selection criteria and can be used for both basic requests as well as more complex needs.  Every effort is made to provide the information in a timely manner, however, response time may be impacted by the current workload in addition to the complexity and scope of the request.