Degree/Enrollment Verification

The University of Maine has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as its agent for verifications of student enrollment and degrees. Visit the National Student Clearinghouse website or contact them by phone at 703.742.4200. Note: Fees may apply when using the Clearinghouse services.

Enrollment and degree verifications are also provided by the University of Maine at no charge and may be requested over the phone at 207.581.1288, via email to, or faxed to 207.581.1314. Current and recently active students may also request an enrollment verification via MaineStreet using the instructions provided below.

Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment verification letters will include: student’s full name, degree program, the enrollment status for the term(s) for which the verification is being requested (i.e. full time for Fall 2022), and the recipient’s full address or fax number.

Current and recently active students may request an enrollment verification letter using the MaineStreet Classic Student Center.

  1. Login to MaineStreet
  2. Select Student Self Service
  3. From your Student Homepage, select Classic Student Center
  4. Click the “other academic” drop down menu and select “Enrollment Verification”

Screenshot of MaineStreet Student Center, showing the Enrollment Verification option in the 'other academic' drop-down menu

If the enrollment verification does not require the signature of the Registrar, select the “Allow to Print from My Browser” option. To have a signed verification letter mailed, select the “Request Institution to Mail” option.

Screenshot from MaineStreet showing the 'Allow to Print from My Browser' option when requesting an enrollment verification

Verification of student enrollment is based on enrolled credits at the time the request is processed.

Degree Verifications

Degree verification letters will include: student’s full name, degree awarded, the conferral date of the degree, the signature of the Registrar, and the seal of the University of Maine.

Degree verifications for new graduates are available after degrees are posted to transcripts, approximately eight weeks after the official date of graduation.