Final Exams

Final Exams -Fall 2017 December 11-15

  • Fall 2017 Final Exam Schedule (PDF)
  • Faculty can find their final exam schedule in the Faculty Center in the box labeled “My Final Exam Schedule”, located just below the “My Teaching Schedule” box which displays their semester’s classes.
  • Students can see their final exam schedule by logging into MaineStreet and navigating to Student Self-Service > Student Center.  Under the “Academics” section, select “Exam Schedule” from the “other academic…” drop-down menu.
  • Not all sections of courses have Final Examinations.  Please check your course schedule on MaineStreet if you are unsure of the section you are registered for.  If your section is not listed and you have a question about this, check with your instructor.

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During each semester two to four preliminary examinations may be administered.  These “prelims” count heavily on the final grade.  At the end of each semester final examinations are held in most courses.  The final examination should count no more than one-third of the course grade, although exceptions may be made by the instructor on consultation with the chairperson of the department in which the course is offered.  Final examinations are held according to a published schedule and cannot be taken before the scheduled time.  Students who are scheduled for more than three final examinations in one day will be notified by the Office of Student Records and are asked to work with their instructors to reschedule one of the final exams to a make up period.  If students have difficulty reaching a reasonable compromise with their instructors, the Office of Student Records will provide further assistance.  Instructors are requested to announce to their respective classes at or near the last recitation period the time and place of each final examination.  A student who misses the regular examination at the end of a semester for a legitimate reason should make arrangements with the instructor to make up the examination.  A final examination may be scheduled only during final exam week.  If a final exam is not scheduled, and the instructor wishes to schedule a prelim covering the last weeks of the course, this prelim must be given during the final exam week. No examination may be scheduled during the last week of classes unless permission is granted by the department, area, or unit curriculum committee or faculty equivalent.  Scheduling decisions should be made within a framework that preserves the full length of the semester and considers the impact of such examinations on the students involved.  For information purposes, this decision will be communicated by the unit to the college Associate Dean, whose responsibility is in turn to communicate with the Office of Student Records.
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Inclement Weather during Final Examinations

 For the most timely notification of weather-related class cancellations or postponements, students and other members of the University of Maine community are strongly encouraged to sign up for text and/or email message alerts ( Notifications are posted on the UMaine website and portal; in FirstClass folders (Announcements & Alerts; Provost/Academic Affairs and UMaine Forum); and on University of Maine Facebook and Twitter. These notification options are considered the most reliable options. Updates can be heard by calling 581.SNOW (1.800.581.SNOW outside the local area), with early morning notifications recorded by 6:00 a.m., and others made throughout the day. Local media also are notified of UMaine’s weather-related cancellations and postponements.

The following procedure will be followed to reschedule final examinations:  exams will be rescheduled to Friday in the order in which they were cancelled.  For the fall semester, the first cancelled block will be rescheduled to Friday at 9:30, the second block to 12:15, the third to 2:45, the fourth to 5:30 and the fifth to 7:45.  For example, if all finals on Monday were cancelled they would be rescheduled to Friday in the same time blocks.  If only Tuesday afternoon finals were cancelled starting at 2:45, the three time blocks would be rescheduled to the first three blocks on Friday (9:30, 12:15, and 2:45).  Some finals are scheduled for the first three time blocks on Friday.  In the event that the rescheduling of a cancelled final conflicts with a previously scheduled final on Friday, the student should attend the originally scheduled final and make individual arrangements for the conflicting final.  If the cancellation is on Friday, morning finals will be moved to the afternoon for a delayed opening and individual arrangements will need to be made if the University closes for the entire day.

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Athletic Events during Final Examination Period

The University of Maine will not schedule athletic events during final examination periods in December and May. The President, in consultation with the Executive Vice President and Provost, determines whether or not athletic teams will participate in post-season tournaments during final examination week.
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