MaineStreet Campus Solutions Security

The Office of Student Records is responsible for maintaining the security for MaineStreet Campus Solutions. Campus Solutions is comprised of modules related to Admissions, Student Financial Aid, Student Financials and Student Records. Access to data is provided according to each user’s work responsibilities.

Why do we have security around student data?

The restrictions on who should have access to student data are outlined by the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This means that only those who need to know certain types of information to perform their duties will have access to that information. These restrictions insure that student information is safe and protect the rights of our students.

Requesting MaineStreet Campus Solutions Access

Security for new employees

New employees who are required to use student information to perform their duties must be assigned the proper access. To accomplish this, the MaineStreet Campus Solutions Access Request Form must be completed and signed by the supervisor, and submitted to the Office of Student Records. This form not only helps to determine the type of security roles the employee needs, but also confirms that the employee will abide by the University of Maine Confidentiality of Student Records.

To access the form, log into the my UMaine Portal (link available at the top of any UMaine website) using your UMS Id credentials, and select the “Campus Solutions Security Request” link found under “Forms & Documents” heading. You may also contact the Office of Student Records to obtain the form.

Note to academic departments: The completed and signed MaineStreet Campus Solutions Access Request Form should be submitted immediately after the employee has a MaineStreet ID assigned by Human Resources. This will insure that there are no delays in performing duties related to MaineStreet access. Failure to complete the request for access could result in the new faculty/instructor not being able to access class roster and grade roster information. Establishing Campus Solutions access for new employees could take a few days so plan accordingly.

Determining type of access

When requesting access, the type of access needed must be provided. The form provides three access options for employees who teach: Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Teaching Assistant. Select which best fits the descriptions below:

  • Faculty – teaching, assigning grades and advising students
  • Adjunct Faculty – teaching, assigning grades, but not advising students
  • Teaching Assistant – a current student who will be teaching and assigning grades

For employees working in other capacities, it’s best to provide the name and MaineStreet ID of someone who has similar access, if possible. Otherwise, indicate the areas of access needed such as admissions, financials (billing), financial aid, or academic.

Security for employees changing jobs and/or responsibilities

Department heads with existing employees who change responsibilities when moving to a new position should evaluate the change in duties and request an update to their MaineStreet security. This also applies to individuals who leave a position for another that no longer requires the same, or no, student information access. A request for an update to existing security can easily be done via email to Simply include relevant employee information such as name, MaineStreet ID and the type of change needed, which may consist of deleting current access or adding access to particular types of data.

Tips for expediting your request:

  • The MaineStreet Campus Solutions Access Request Form is fillable when opened with Adobe Reader.
  • The form will not be processed without both signatures.
  • MaineStreet ID, also known as the EmplID, is a vital piece of information for creating access.
  • The form may be returned to the Office of Student Records via campus mail, fax or email – the contact information is provided on the form.

Questions regarding MaineStreet Campus Solutions Security may be sent to or call 581-1292 .