MaineStreet Queries

A number of queries have been developed that provide information that is in highest demand and these are available to all staff and faculty.  For example, a query exists to generate a report of all current students in a given major/minor and displays a variety of academic information as well as addresses.

Click here to view Instructions for running the public queries in MaineStreet (PDF).

We have created a list of these public queries outlining each query and it’s purpose as well as information on how to run a query using MaineStreet.  All you will need is the appropriate security and minimal training (the documentation would likely be sufficient.) The list of available public queries is available in Excel format or in Acrobat (PDF) format.  For access to the queries in MaineStreet, please send email to

Please be aware:  The data from these queries is available for academic department use only.  No data is to be released to any third party.  All third party data requests must be directed to Student Records.