Degree Progress Report (Degree Audit)

Records – Degree Progress Report (Degree Audit)

Degree progress reports are available in MaineStreet.

The degree progress report is an online self-service tool for matriculated undergraduates.  It is designed to help students and advisors plan course selection each semester and keep track of degree requirements.

The degree progress report evaluates the student’s transcript against their graduation requirements as outlined in the University Undergraduate Catalog.  It uses courses taken and in progress to fulfill General Education, College, Major and Minor requirements and identifies outstanding requirements. 

The report is interactive, changing as students add and drop courses.  Students can click within a requirement for a list of courses that will fulfill that requirement.  They can also click to view the course catalog description and see if the course is being offered that semester.  

If you experience difficulty generating the degree progress report, please call 581-1293 or email